Drive around Tumalo Reservoir

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” ~Edward Abbey

No hikes this weekend. I had a bad ass workout and got back into climbing as well, so I’m a little crispy. Instead, I took a drive to see what I could find and wasn’t disappointed. Now, as I post this, I’m cozy, sipping on my Spiced Chai tea, going through my photos, truly grateful to be surrounded by beauty.

From the car

Starting the drive off, it was overcast in Bend but as I drove Northwest toward the mountains, the clouds were beautiful. I wasn’t expecting to see anything yet and didn’t have my camera out, so I snapped this one with my cell phone.

Tumalo Reservoir

Originally in a town named Laidlaw, settlers rejected the name in 1915 and named the area Tumalo. Laidlaw was, in today’s terms, the project manager for the Tumalo Reservoir, and hanged in effigy from an abandoned telephone pole by the settlers when the reservoir failed only after a few years of use. It now only holds 5% of its capacity.

Sisters (2)


Tumalo Dam

Tumalo Dam 1 The Carey Act was monumental in developing communities in Central Oregon, except for this one! Tumalo started an irrigation project in 1904 and after years of mismanagement, the state took over. Only a couple years later in 1915, the reservoir was finally completed but failed.


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