Paulina Lake Hot Springs

Advice from a Hot Spring
Let your talents spring forth
Refresh yourself in nature
Keep new ideas bubbling
Stay active
Have deep reservoirs
Be warm and welcoming
Let off a little steam!
~Ilan Shamir


P1080147-02 Paulina Lake is one of the twin crater lakes in Newberry Caldera and located 6,331 feet above sea level. Newberry Volcano, 25 miles wide, is still potentially active. The cone of the volcano collapsed an estimated 500,000 years ago, deepening the caldera; however, eruptions are dated as far back as 480 AD. According to Wkipedia, drilling in 1981 found temperatures to reach 540 degrees Fahrenheit at 3,057 feet below the caldera floor, the highest temp recorded at a dormant Cascade volcano.

Sunset on the trail

Sunset over the lake Caught the sunset on the trail

Fall colors popping through

Always good to soak with good company

A crisp fall day and a knee injury called for a short hike and a soak in hot springs. Good company, HOT water, a beautiful view…it was incredibly therapeutic.


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