Upper Whycus Creek

Checked out Upper Whychus Creek (Whychus meaning “a place to cross the water”) and didn’t spend nearly enough time there. Whychus Creek is run off from the Sisters wilderness and is part of a Steelhead restorative effort. The short time I was there, I saw a beautiful mix of high desert with luscious green around the whitewater. The water was murky for Oregon so I’m assuming it was low. I had to turn around shortly after passing some shallow caves that I assume were cut from lava flow. Upon getting home and researching the area, I read there are incredible views of Sisters and Broken Top, as well as hieroglyphs from Native Tribes. I definitely need to head back in the Spring and spend at least a day in the area; 60 minutes was not enough time!


I heard Whychus Creek is part of a large Steelhead Restorative effort.


There are some areas the dogs can cool off at (and people). This was one happy dog, as evidenced by his tail 🙂


The trail starts out at Creek level but you soon hike up to a ledge that has several beautiful views looking down into the Creek.




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