Birthday weekend Soaking

Had a beautiful and relaxing, most perfect birthday weekend. First of all, got a new car (Happy Birthday to me!) and drove it out to Crystal Crane Hot Springs. We hiked all around there, heading up to Juntura, Malheur Refuge, and the Steens.

So first off…gotta pay homage to my old van, my home. I may not have had a solid place to live after 15+ moves in almost 6 years, but the vanlife evolved into my home and allowed me to learn and experience so many beautiful places. My motto for the last few years was (outside my bed) if I couldn’t fit all my stuff in my van, I didn’t need it. It’s minimalist but taught me so much. I suppose that chapter is over but the life it taught me will always be a part of who I am.



Now…hot springs!!! Click here to watch a little video I put together: Crystal Crane and Juntura. The hike in to Juntura was fun, muddy but fun. Luckily, the river was low so we were able to cross with little issue.




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