Skydiving and Bungee Jumping

Was given the opportunity to skydive for my third time and bungee jump my first time. The Skydiving was under the care of Skydive Awesome in Sisters, OR. It was the last weekend of September and the first snow had just fallen over the Cascades. I could see Mt. Thielson all the way up North to what I thought was Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens and it was by far the most beautiful view of the Cascades I’ve ever seen.  Flying around Central Oregon in a tiny airplane that barely fit the three of us, with the door open, feeling the wind, listening to the airplane…it was spectacular. As it was years ago, skydiving was just as peaceful as I remembered it to be, except there was no Chicago skyline, just snow and mountains. Since this was my third jump, I’m really tempted to get my cert next Spring. We shall see.

The bungee jumping was…turbulent, lol, but so much fun. We went up to Amboy,  WA to jump off a private PNW bridge over a rushing river. It was a completely different feeling from the skydiving. Once I stepped over the bridge railing, I had to force myself to collect my thoughts and wrap my brain around the thought of jumping. Once I had it, I jumped and what an awesome experience. I definitely would like to try this in various locations, known for jumping around the world.

I don’t have many photos since I was a little preoccupied, but I did put together a little video of my experience:


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